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Thread: customize crashes

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    Default customize crashes
    I got a problem again.. with the iTouch!
    I searched in the forum but did not found anything.
    I installed Customize on my iPod but its crashing all the time. I see the picture of the chicken and the link under it and that it crashes =O
    help plz..

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    Open customize 3 or 4 times. Let it crash. Then restart your touch

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    install some images for costumize in the installer.
    If Costumize is empty it will go back to Home.

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    thx for help but its not working..
    i crashed it 3 times and restarted... its still crashing
    i crashed it 4 times and restarted... its still crashing
    i installed some themes for customize... its still crashing

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    You can always restore you iTouch, if you are that desperate to fix it

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    well.. i could.. but why? there has to be a way to fix it =O

    no answers?
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    ok open it and tap fast radomly on the screen this could take up to 10 times but it works.

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    You actually need to try it 5-7 times, it varies though. Then turn your itouch off, turn it on, then try again.

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    wow.. it worked with the quick typing xD
    lolish and crapulish xD
    well thx for hepl

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    Default Still no luck!
    I have the same problem and after trying this solutions I'm still unable to make it work, my version of customizer 1.18

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    I thought the Customize is not compatible with the ipod touch

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    It is compatible now, just keep trying to open it over and over again. Eventually it will stop.

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    i thought bsd subsystem was needed so apps can run smoothly..worked on my iphone
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    the problem is with the suid lib.
    i had the same problem with my ipod touch 1.1.4 firmware.

    herez what u shud do:-
    >uninstall customize
    >install suid lib fix[shud b in tweaks(1.1.4)]
    >install customize.

    shud work now.

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    hey my problem is that the themes on customize are not applying and i have suib lib fix installed i had to do it to get summerboard working but i still have summerboard installed. i tried uninstalling summerboard and restarting the phone but it still not working. it just seem to apply but still nothing.

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    mrgenis, worked like a charm.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    dude, mrgenius, you're a genius.

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    you have to be conected to a wifi conection or edge

    well at least that works for me, but now when i tried to have the five icon dock it wont let me
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