Apps work fine over Wifi. Previuosly, I had a problem with YouTube on GPRS but I found a patched file so it started working over EDGE.

Now, I have installed FRING... same problem... works perfect over Wifi but does not seem to connect over EDGE/GPRS.

are there any system files that I can tweak around with to see if EDGE settings are being saved properly for all apps. Or does every app has its own specific file storing EDGE settings.

Executed the apps binary and got the following output:

2008-06-09 01:06:05.054 Fring[1064:d03] Couldn't register with bootstrap server unknown error code (0x44f); failing...
1064: ABORT: Unable to register "com.fringland.fring" port, 1103 unknown error code
zsh: abort ./Fring

Help much appreciated !