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Thread: How can I manage photo folders?

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    Default How can I manage photo folders?
    There is th camera roll folder, there is the "Photo Library" folder, and I have made two folders. iTunes will sync and transfer anything I have in the folders I tell it to...BUT...the pix in MY folders are ALL also in the "Photo Library" and the camera roll ..I guess, is only for pix TAKEN on my phone.
    I want to use my folders and NOT have the pix duplicated in the "Photo Library"....any way to do it? I have been all inside using SSH and can't find the Photo Library at all...etc etc.
    Thanks for any help.....
    You'd think this would be a BASIC function.....

    Bumpitty bump.......common question no?
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    Your pics are in /var/root/Media/DCIM/ thats about all I can help you with

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    Well, thanks but.....var/root/ goes straight to Library not Media
    /var/Mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE/ contains the camera roll photos my question remains; is there a way to have separate folders of photos?

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    Got the same question. Would love to be able to manage all my photos in a directory tag of folder file method. Any plug in's that you know of that would do this? Thanks!
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    No, there is no way to have separate folders for photos, and have them viewable in the Photos are stored (synced) on the iPhone exactly the same way music is, as a whole library, with different "playlists" to separate the items into different categories.

    Using something like, you could store your photos in different folders and view them through Safari, but Apple's Photos App won't see them.
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    Yeah, the Photo Library is just a virtual folder for all images that you have downloaded in other folders. The stock photo app doesn't seem to have a way to hide it.

    I'm working on a viewer in imFlow (not in the released version yet) that wouldn't show the Photo Library item.

    Here's a preview:

    What do you think?

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    I think that seems pretty sweet. It amazes me how smart some of you guys are. You make the Apple peepz look dumb as they should have thought of kool apps like that for their OWN phone!!! LOL
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    Wink Photo Library: removing images
    I think that what I was searching for was along the lines of the original post: not being able to access the Photo Library in order to delete images contained there.

    After some hunting around and finding nothing (I use Total Commander and cannot find the folder that the iPhone 3G uses for the Photo Library images) I realized that this is the folder that is used when the phone and PC/Mac are Synced via iTunes. Would make sense that the sync also works the other way...

    So I went into the folder on my PC that contains the images that I want to sync to up my iPhone and deleted the ones that I didn't want anymore and then ran a Sync through iTunes / Photos (selecting the folder in the latter tab). And voila, the images that I removed on the PC were also gone on my iPhone.

    Bit of a pain to remove the unwanted junk in the Photo Library but alteast now I can start purging the walls I don't want.

    Hope that helps some one else who wants to remove images from the elusive Photo Library (as long as you know what folder the images were in on your computer to begin with...).
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    actually its not true, i swore i was able to keep my photos seperate and not have them bunched into one 'photo library'

    i had one called 'iphone wallpaper' and the other 'wobble' where i'd keep some hot babes to use for the app wobble

    originally i couldn't seperate them but somehow after playing i could

    the photos NEVER duplicated in the photo library option, now that i've updated to 2.2.1 i can't seperate them anymore

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    I have found one app called " Photo folder" which allows users with intuitive photo organization tools including personalized folders and filters for easy photo finding. Users can create a custom hierarchy of folders to quickly organize their photo library or use filters: keywords, ratings or favorites to find a desired image.
    Site is : photofolderapp[Dot]com
    Hope it helps

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    Default [Recommend] You can try Photo Hide
    It's a photo manager as well as a photo protector~
    With "Photo Hide" you can categorize your photos easily.
    More than that, your photos are password protected and encrypted.

    Free Version

    Full Version

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