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Thread: contact photo not dissapearing

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    Default contact photo not dissapearing
    Hello..... im new to this site im not to good with all this but i unlocked and jailbroke my iphone everything is pretty good my yahoo and youtube works good the only problem is that when i save the photo for a contact after i install another program or turn my phone off the picture dissapears. this suck really bad!!!! im in the 1.1.4 firmware can some one please help me out with this i really want to use spring dial but when i add a contact with spring dial a green phone icon comes out not the photo PLEASE HELP

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    Are you sure you have set the photo?

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    yes i have it was working fine before its does save the picture but when i reset, install or uninstall they dissapear.

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    reset, install, or uninstall" what?
    You chose photo, then set as contact, then "set photo"?
    When does it not appear?

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    I Choose The Photo.... Set It As Contact... It Will Stay On There, But If I Turn Off My Phone, Install, Or Uninstall Anything From The Installer.... (a Game For Example) .....the Photo Disappears, The Funny Thing Is That When I Set A Photo...i Can Call That Person And The Photo Will Show On My Screen, But When They Call Back It Disappears. Cant Figure It Out Can Some One Please Help Me! By The Way Thanks For The Replys

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    Well, maybe you're doing it all right and there's just some stoopid little glitch in there from installing and uninstalling lots of apps and such. These are like little computers and we all know how they don't like to changed around alot. Worst case, save your stuff with one of the back-up methods described elsewhere on this site(search) and use iTunes to reformat/whatever they call new. Bet it'll work then.
    Next possibility is going to sound lame but, above, you didn't say exactly whether you did it or not. In photos you hit the left icon and it says wallpaper or email or contact- you hit contact-find the person- and then you MUST HIT "SET Photo" save it. I'm sure you have done this but you didn't SAY you did it so maybe you didn't. Sorry if none of this helps.

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    WOW....I thought I was the only one having this problem!!!!

    I've read the entire forum here and I can't seem to figure out what is wrong and why I cannot fix this issue at all either!!!

    Anyone out there with an answer to this issue?????

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