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Thread: Bluetooth keyboard? Future possibility?

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    Default Bluetooth keyboard? Future possibility?
    I for one would love to be able to use a bluetooth keyboard with my iPhone. It would be nice for taking to class and could pretty much replace my laptop (well for a lot of things at least). So would it be possible to develop a driver (far beyond my abilities) for such a thing?

    P.S. I'm talking about something along the lines of this

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    Default I'll second that....
    Admittedly I know *nothing* about writing/hacking code, but for all the ingenuity in the iphone hacking community, I would think someone/some group could hack into the bluetooth profiles (is that what you call them?) and get the iphone to work with BT devices other than a headset.

    Anyone for pushing through an iphone compatible BT keyboard crusade!?

    Being able to take notes with a keyboard in meetings/school/library on the iphone would be *sweet* added functionality...

    Who could actually tackle this? I dare you!


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    Not gonna happen, since Apple only supports the Bluetooth headset profile. I don't see Apple changing that any time soon, since doing so would open the potential to transfer files via Bluetooth, and they don't want that (music, for example.)

    It's an interesting idea...I mean, the iPhone has TV out, so technically, with a BT keyboard, you could have a complete mini-computer (BT keyboard -> iPhone -> TV as monitor.)

    But I wouldn't hold my breath for it.

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    Oh well, it would be a nice addition but I guess I can get by without it. Maybe one day it will be posible.

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