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Thread: [GUIDE] Configure Quasi Low-jack

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    Default [GUIDE] Configure Quasi Low-jack
    Configure Quasi Low-Jack for iPod touch or iPhone

    *This works on the iPod Touch as well as the iPhone.

    **If you have no idea what this is, here is the description found in Installer:
    UPDATE to 2.1 for this to work! Reports location to twitter every 30sec when phone is on. Developed by Erica Sadun. Use more info for more...
    DISCLAIMER: It is highly recommended that you create a new Twitter account, setting updates to "private." Unless you want the world to know where you device (and most likely you) are.

    Jailbroken iPhone/iPod touch
    SSH capability
    Twitter account

    1. Add Shai's source in Installer <>

    2. After refreshing, navigate (in Installer) to Utilities, where you will find Quasi Low-Jack. Install it.

    3. Read the pop-up notices on the screen during the installation process.

    4. SSH into device. Navigate to /bin/tweet. Edit it. It should read this:
    /bin/pingwifi; sleep 10
    #! /bin/sh 
    curl --basic --user Username:Password  \
      --data status="`/bin/findme`"
    *Replace "Username" and "Password" with your Twitter username and password.

    5. Save.

    6. Login to your twitter account, and you should see your latest update. Click the link to Google Maps where it will pull up your geographic coordinates.

    CUSTOMIZATION: The default update is every 30 seconds. You can change that by editing the com.sadun.tweet.plist in /System/Library/LaunchDaemons.

    ****This only works when device is turned ON.


    With WinSCP, or equivalent, navigate to /System/Library/LaunchDaemons. Here you will see a whole bunch of .plist files. Now open and edit com.sadun.tweet.plist.

    * Change the start interval, according to your needs. 86400 is once a day (60 seconds * 60 minute * 24 hours). Right now, I have mine running every ten minutes (600) because I needed to check that the LaunchDaemon was functioning properly. (it is rumored that a interval of less than 120 (1 minute) will not work)
    Please do not hesitate to ask questions!!

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    Works fine... a LOT less buggy than the Facebook "iPhone Locator" app.

    But when I secured my wireless network... I no longer got updates. So it must rely on a WIFI to find it's location.

    And I walked around my neighborhood attaching to unsecured networks... and none of them updated my address when I got home and checked twitter... and I'm running on 30 second updates... and was connected to each network for 5 - 10 minutes.

    I'm back home now... have been for an hour.... and the phone is connected to my network again... but has not updated to twitter since I left my house originally...

    So after not making an update for an hour... i rebooted the iPhone... and it is now making updates every 30 seconds... So.... it is a little buggy...
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    It is a bit buggy, and for that matter the findme binfile may not be up to date. Erica Sadun may have released a newer one.

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