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Thread: ApolloIM and MobileChat both crash every time!

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    Default ApolloIM and MobileChat both crash every time!
    WTF! Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling from various sources and it crashes within a few seconds of logging in every time, no matter what! Ive noticed that everytime I remove it, it remembers my username and password when I reinstall.. Maybe its not getting a "true" uninstall? What do I do? Anyone else having this problem? Thanks in advance!!


    edit: I usually have 50+ buddies online at any given time.. not sure if that makes a difference?
    edit2: I did some more research and some say its related to the auto-dim feature, however im using Summerboard 2.11 on 1.0.2 and it has no dim feature option at all, FYI.
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    i dont think the amount of buddies u have affect it, cuz i have the 60/190 people online and usually it doesnt matter...
    i use ICQ btw..

    those apps arent stable anyways

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    Thanks for the speedy response. The 2 apps used to work fine/stable when I first used them on my phone for the first few weeks.. Its only been crashing for the past few weeks (only had it for ~2 months). Any other ideas?

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    reinstall bsd subsystem and the chat apps

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    I thought it would work, but still crashing.. Actually, it gets a little farther, I can see my buddies for a few seconds but after that it still crashes..

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    Are you connecting through T-mobile's EDGE service? Neither Apollo or MobileChat work over EDGE while connecting to AIM.

    I have both installed on my phone and can only connect to AIM via WiFi. If I connect through T-mobile's EDGE both programs crash. Only MSN seems to work over EDGE.

    I connect through and there was a post on the T-mobile forum here (MMI) where a guy had successfully used both programs through EDGE, but he had to switch to the Total Internet Plan w/ VPN support (read here). It seems it's a port issue.

    I tried changing my plan to the one with VPN support but a rep told me that the iPhone didn't support their VPN network (BS of course). I will be calling them again eventually and force them to give me access to the (VPN network).
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    Yeah, it's really obnoxious that it doesn't work with the T-Mobile Total Internet Plan. Both those apps don't work for **** though, they're so unstable. Whatever.

    I just want AIM and hate having to use BeeJive's slow-as-hell Webapp.

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    Ah, so its T-Mobile's fault.. I thought something was up with my phone.. Thanks all!!

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    hey if this is any help you can sign on through safari using or just a thought

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