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Thread: Help Please!!!!! =(

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    Default Help Please!!!!! =(
    ok today at work i went on the app installer... and i tried to dl the halo ring tone.. then it says failed to execute.. so i was like ok.. so i then went to the customize ad on.. and dl that.. it said the same thing..

    so i tried to press the home button to exit.. and it wont.. so i was like WTF?? so I tried to reset it...

    and now when i turned it back on.. it just goes to the home, freezes... and it switches to the apple sign and the home screen...

    then it freezes.. so i tried to hold the home button and the sleep .. it does the same thing.. then when i leave it to the home screen (it wont move) and by itself it just keeps doin weird things like flashing itself..

    wht is goin on???
    i dont have itunes at work.. but should i go home and plug it in and go on restor???

    i have a 1.1.1 iphone ,,, unlocked.. rogers carrier...

    please someone helpe me.... thanks..
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    You have to restore. Can you tell me what you did before that? I might be able to find what caused the problem.

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    ok all i did was turned it on. went to the app installer... then went to dl halo theme ringtone... it said " failed to execute" .. so i was like how come its not downloading.. so i just tried another app.. so i went on the custimize and downloaded the custimize add on.... it said the same thing... so i tried to press the home button to exit.... but it wont go to the home screen.....

    so i tried to reset it and turn it back on.. after that.. it just freezes.. and then now it shows the home screen but i cant do anythin on it.. i can move it like scroll the icons but only like a couple of times, then it freezes.. and shoes the loading symbol in the center of screen... i leave it there and it keeps flashing like ("home screen flickers once")

    and keeps repeating like that...

    so do i need to restore it when i get home and access itunes??

    also it doesnt show the wirelesss icon anymore.. and sometimes the carrier icon dissapers too...and the home screen freeezes..

    damn is there a way to fix this???

    thanks for the reply man

    so even tho it freezes n stuff.. could i go home and still restore it??

    so like i just need to plug in the cord and have itunes open.. then press the home button and the sleep at the same time?? till the yellow triangle pops up??

    and i have iphone version 1.1.1.. and its unlocked.. could i still restore it"???

    do i need the 1.1.1 firmware saved?

    also when i hit the restore button do i need to press shift then restore????

    or do i just hit the restore??
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