Hello my friends,

i have a question about my iphone (1.1.1 unlocked with anysim 1.1 and jailbreakme.com) , because i think dont work properly :

When i let him in stanby mode , average once every two hours he turn ON the Screen-LCD , with the default screen (like when you click on the botton to wake him from the stanby) , and after 2 or 3 second he return in stanby mode (if you dont slide).

I can not understand why after 1 or 2 hours he start the screen .. and then turn back in stanby. No sms, No call , no Email.. nothing... i cannot find why he do that.

Any idea?

Another little question: i have installed SSH / sFTP with Independence1.3b2 , very easy. But now when i run Services.app i cannot see any SSH option only:
Edge ON / OFF

Wifi ON / OFF

Bluetooth ON / OFF

Why ? it is better that i remove SSH / sFTP with Independence and install it with Installer.app ? or something not work ? because all work fine if i access from my mac to the iphone over ssh or sFtp.

thanks very much and sorry for my poor english ..

cheers from italy.