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ok first off im no noob...secondly i indeed have a life i just wanted chill out and figure out how to make it work. The app sucks the actualy custimization is gone. The ability to SSH in is GONE if you think you know how to do it, SHOW ME, SHOW ALL US "noobs" how to do it. A few people have said oh ssh in ok well when you ssh in put and put a theme in it doesnt work the only theme that shows up is the Orginal Backup folder the other ones even downloaded ones dont work also you used to able to just go to customize on your phone and in seconds you could change just about every aspect of the phone and now you CANT perhaps it is "better" and im just an idiot. I doubt that though i meen **** i was one of the people who help make PSX4ALL useable and i was also one of the people to suggest an SNES for the iphone, so you can put me down all you want but until anyone actualy posts a how-to about SSHing into customize then dont say anything at all
READ dallasnights POST ******.

Do you want me to show you screen shots. And explain every friggen step.