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Thread: Can't remove "Categories 1.72"

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    Default Can't remove "Categories 1.72"

    to remove the apple logo i reinstalled my iphone with winpwn & itunes (FW 1.1.4 with custom logo) after a backup of all my apps with ibackup. then i restored all the apps back to the iphone and everything seems to work fine. but then i realized, that i coudn't change anything in "Categories 1.72".. so if i added icons to a folder (or category, whatever), then it just didn't move there.. (it looked like, i don't have permission to do anything in it)

    so i said.. just reinstall categories.. and i removed categories with the installer and then i saw, that these folders are still on my springboard, even without having categories installed. so i deleted over SSH everything with "Categories"...

    Then after reinstalling Categories (the old folders are still on springboard, but not visible in categories manager, but i can add new ones..) i read in help file, that i could copy back the M68AP.plist file from /var/root/Library/Categories to /System/Library/CoreServices/ - if i wouldn't have deleted all that stuff bevor.. so it looks like that this "desktop" is saved in this file, an i just got the new, modified version from categories...

    do you think that it would be possible to put in there a "standard" file from a new installed iphone to get it working again? or does this kill all my apps?

    thanks for your help in advance...

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    I have same issue on the Categories v2.22.
    I removed Categories from Cydia by Package menu.
    But the icons created by Categoris are still appear on the Springboard.

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    i got the same problem on 2.22

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    It' alive (the thread)

    You gotta reinstall catagories and delete the folders before you uninstall it.

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    this ******* app sux. it messed up my iphone. ******* pos

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpjr View Post
    It' alive (the thread)

    You gotta reinstall catagories and delete the folders before you uninstall it.
    Yeah but now I can't reinstall it because they took it out of the store (presumably because of all the problems).

    Oops, I think it was.. SB.. I'm not sure which categories I had
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