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Thread: iSlsk Firewire error fix is out via installer

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    Default iSlsk Firewire error fix is out via installer
    I dont know if anyone else has seen this but the error for the firewire GUID is out in installer. Just add this source

    then find Hijinks in the categories, tap firewire fix and your done. Enjoy

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    can anyone confirm this works

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    It does, I just did it. I transfered the song to my itunes library, and it shows up and plays fine.

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    still cant import songs though

    iPhone 2g 8gb 2.2 pwned

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    Still got the error "Your iTunes database mount point wasn't recognised, and therefor, music importing will not be available." fix for this to?


    Works now, just set all the permissions to 777 not 775 and install this fix and the songs download and import fine, well atleast for me.
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    thanks for the update ive been waiting to try this.. when i try to connect to my school using islsk i cant connect. but im fine in other places. is my school blocking the application? or are there some settings i can tweak? off topic i know im sorry

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    The're most probably blocking the proxies.

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    Glad you got it working, I didnt have to change my permissions though.......maybe I was just lucky!

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    Thanks for the link. Now this program is actually worth using...

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    what file/folder needs permissions changed ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cocchiararo View Post
    what file/folder needs permissions changed ?
    errr /var/mobile/media/downloads folder and also /applications/ to 777

    and does anyone know if this app works with insomnia on so like will the songs keep downloading whilst the screen is off like insomnia is supposed to do?

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    i changed the permissions and i still get the itunes database mount error

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    awesome!!! thanks i couldnt get this to work on 1.1.3 so i just restored/updated to 1.1.4 and used this fix and it works perfectly.

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    Thanks alot for the fix. Works great..

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    Good look on the info... No more manual fix for me. :-)
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    No problem guys, I am running 1.1.4 so that everyone knows

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    Unhappy help
    I tried to install the source but the installer could not refresh the source is there any other way to get this fix in the installer

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