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Thread: A few Questions about WinPwn...

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    Default A few Questions about WinPwn...
    I finally decided to pwn my iPhone using WinPwn and I had a few questions before I go through with it.

    I would really appreciate it if you can answer any one of these questions.

    1. Details: I have a 1.1.4 Jailbroken and Unlocked iPhone by iLiberty+. My BL is 3.9 FakeBlank. So will I have to re unlock?

    2. If I decide to add apps to my custom firmware, are they the newest version that is available on that source? Also will the apps that I add to the firmware, be added to installer uninstall category and installed category? Do you recommend putting the apps on the firm or manually installing them through installer?

    3. Do i have to add BootNueter as an app or is installed automatically. Is bootnueter the way that I would unlock my iPhone? If so, what options do I select from the advanced tab of WinPwn (the tab with all the unlocking options)

    4. Should I first do a clean restore to 1.1.4 before pwning my iPhone?

    5. Last but not the least, is it safe?

    Sorry of the ba-zillon questions but I just want whats best for my iPhone lol.

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Yes you will most likly have to unlock
    2.not posative, but plz let me kno can select to ad bootneuter, its part of the install for winpwn
    4.well i kno you should def always to a restore with itunes and set up as new phone b4 any jailbreak process .
    5. as far as i kno its pretty safe. it wont brick your phone if that what you are worried about.

    and i understand every one wants whats best for there baby. lol

    let me know how it goes for you, because im am also thinking about doin a restore jailbreak with winpwn very soon. i havnt done it in a while so i think i could be good to do it again..
    also plz any one.. if im mistaken plz correct me.

    ps. i like ur sig very funny
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    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!

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    thanks alot dude! i'll be sure to let u know how it all plays out. I'm just backing up on my apps and other things as we speak lol.

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    I tried it. I had a lot of bug problems in general. Went back to iliberty+ and all is well.

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    Winpwn was pretty safe for me so far. I used ziphone prior a month ago. I do recommend that you restore to a fresh 1.1.4 fw, then use winpwn.

    As far as installer goes, I installed everything from the ipsw builder (summerboard, themes, mobile finder, youtube fix., and bootneuter). its great not having the "main execution script failed" anymore.

    Oddly enough my BB was already at 4.6 after I winpwned and I didnt use bootneuter either. I DID use it after I unlocked with ziphone.

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