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Thread: HELP.. FRING has gronked my iphone!!!

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    Default HELP.. FRING has gronked my iphone!!!
    Been using fring for a couple of weeks.. just updated to the latest version (beta .9.8 or something). Generally it works well and is a great app!

    BUT today, after an msn chat, I closed it, and my 1.1.2 otb phone locked. Usually when an app makes it hang like this, I can either get it to reboot by holding the power button on top, or get it to allow me to shut it down and reboot the same way. Sometimes when it hangs, it seems to reboot its self after a few minutes. Sometimes if I sync it or simply plug in the charger that will do it.

    None of those things have worked. When I plug in to sync or charge, the 'slide to unlock' display with either the normal walpaper, or (in the case of the charger) the battery icon... just as it normally would. The catch is it seems whatever daemon handles inputs from the user interface has stopped.. or something. I can't slide the slider (or get any response from touching the screen) nor does the power button do anything... nor the 'main menu' button.. on single, double pushes, or continuous holds for any of them.

    I even popped the sim out and it comes to life with the appropriate message.. then goes back to sleep after a few seconds as it would have if all were werking... but it seems that it simply doesn't recognize any inputs from screen or buttons at all, nor will it automatically reboot... ever since i closed Fring and it hung.

    I know you can to a complete reset by holding power and the main menu button (dontt' know what it's actually called, but you know what I mean.. but I've never done that and I fear that if I do do that, I'll have to re jailbreak/unlock the phone, reinstall all the apps, recustomize everything etc...

    Any advice (aside from more valium?



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    This has happened to me twice with different scenarios each time. The first time, i just let the battery drain until it was COMPLETELY dead, then i stuck it on the charger and it booted up regular. The second time i learned a little trick. Hold down BOTH the home button and the power button for about 5-10 seconds. Should do a hard reset and fix ure problem

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