OK guys
A cool little app i found for keeping calendar, contacts and task up to date on all platforms automatically

At present i have in the house Imac with Ical running.
Office i have a Laptop with XP - Outlook 2007
My Iphone will be mostly synced on the Imac so i needed to get all Items from Outlook onto the iphone. I needed something to sync my calendar from my XP laptop running Outlook 2007.

Plaxo was great. Once installed and signed up you create a single Acc on Plaxo for free. Download the add ins and let it do its thing. Now i have the following:-

Outlook 2007 Sync to Plaxo, Which in turn syncs Google Calendar and Ical on the mac. Iphone when connected is always up to date. Plaxo also adds new contacts, calendar appointments etc... very quickly to all programs you choose.

Bloody brilliant