Hi Guys,
I seem to be having a problem with my SwirlyMMS.

I can send, but can not receive any MMSes. I am not even able to fetch any MMSes

Here are my phone details: FW1.1.4, SwirlyMMS 0.3.8, using Starhub (Singapore)

I even tried setting permissions to 755 for swirlyMMS (using cyberduck).

Am I doing something wrong? I do not get any notification that a message is coming in. And when I use MobileFinder, the MMS folder is not found under the Media folder (private>var>mobile>media)

The worst part is: after downloading MoveMMS and I send an MMS to myself, it jams my phone, and I will get an "iphone needs repair - cannot make or receive calls" and my top left of the phone will say "No Service". I'm not sure if it is MoveMMS or if its due to the MMS not being able to enter my phone.

Any idea? I've been trying to solve this for weeks now.

Thanks for reading, please post if you have any suggestions. Thank you! x 100000!