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Thread: EDGE fix for YouTube

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    are you sure you are copying the "icon.png" file from the YouTube.BACKUP folder to the new folder.

    If you are performing this step then try omiting this step. You will get a different icon but YouTube should still work.

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    Hi, thanks for this fixed, worked brilliantly when I applied the file permissions mentioned earlier.

    My method:

    1: Used Filezilla to copy files into appropriate folder (after renaming to youtube.backup) - couldn't get a command line program to work so you can use this if you're thick like me and need a graphical interface.

    2: Use filezilla to over write the icon.png file with a new one.

    3: Reset the file permissions as per jajukhan's post earlier (set permissions on folder to: 0775 set permission on YouTube (this file is inside the folder) to: 0755)

    4: Reboot your iPhone.

    Hope this helps.

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    where can i find filezilla ????

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    none of these fixes fixed my youtube problem...

    funny thing is, i unlocked/jailbroke my using ipwn (need a mac) and i downloaded the youtube fix from bigboss and youtube is working fine as of right now.

    I will update everyone here later on because i read some people's youtube didnt work after the bigboss fix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jajukhan View Post
    set permissions on folder to: 0775
    set permission on YouTube (this file is inside the folder) to: 0755
    it worked!

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    hi, im new to this. how i connect winscp to my iphone?

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    Hi jajukhan,

    I was wondering how you patched the binary to get it to work over GPRS? I looked at the sizes compared with my 1.1.4 firmware YouTube binary, and they are different.

    Is the binary an older version?


    I got it working on my 1.1.4 firmware phone BTW, thanks.

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    Haven't gotten to it yet, but it seems to work and fixes what installer and iliberty can't, this should be a sticky! ...also so I don't forget about it...hahaaaa

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