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Thread: Music does not appear on iPhone but does in iTunes

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    Default Music does not appear on iPhone but does in iTunes
    When I connect my iPhone (Jailbroken w/1.1.4) to my computer, iTunes shows it right away. I have no problem syncing it and it will even recognize added and deleted contacts, so I do not think it is a syncing problem exactly. I will then sync my music and iTunes shows that there is about 3 GB of music on it and I can view all the music through iTunes but when I disconnect my iPhone and then go into the iPod music part to play some of the music, there is nothing there. I am presented with the musical note and be low that it reads "No Content"

    Anyone experience this or know how to fix it? I am sure restoring the phone and re-jailbreaking it will do the problem but I have so much stuff that I have done to it, that I don't want to go through that hassle if I don't have to.

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    Default How to get it to work
    This is a link to an apple forum where someone had the same problem. Look at the response from whjones. I have used it twice now and it worked both times.

    Apple - Support - Discussions - music not appearing, apps won't launch ...

    Hope this helps

    If the link doesn't work... here is the quote from his/her post:

    I have a solution, one that worked for me. Along with 3 hour backups, I suffered the deletion of all my iPod (both audio and video) and photo content, as well as experiencing crashes of all 3rd party apps (including Apple's own Remote app) within 2 seconds of launch. My iPhone 3G is rock solid now - I have experienced no issues since last Saturday (when I implemented my solution) and was able to upgrade to firmware 2.0.2 without incident. Here are the steps I followed:

    1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac (or PC), but stop the sync.

    2. Click on the Applications tab and de-select every app. This will force deletion of all your apps from your iPhone on the next sync.

    3. Disconnect, then reconnect the sync cable to your iPhone. Do NOT sop this sync. The backup should last less than two minutes if you were in the boat as myself (no iPod content at all). This backup, in any case, should not last very long.

    4. Next, add all desired content by checking the appropriate boxes. Depending on the amount of desired media, his may take a bit of time.

    5. Next, repeat step 3. The backup should take a bit longer, as you're now backing up the initial state of your recently-installed apps.

    6. You should be good at this point. I repeated step 3 one last time, and that backup as well as all subsequent backups, have all been less than two minutes. Additionally, I have experienced no additional issues and my iPhone 3G has been rock solid.
    Apparently, iPhone firmware 2.0.1 caused corruption with respect to DRM applied to apps. The DRM for any apps installed with either firmware 2.0 or 2.0.1 eventually got corrupted, but a complete deletion and reinstall resolved that issue. Apparently this issue continued on to firmware 2.0.2, but the steps I provided above will still work under 2.0.2.

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