Ok, so if "Millionaire" for iPhone was deemed an infringement of copyright it's considered warez; warez are bad and not to be discussed here. Fine. But "unfortunately it would be considered warez now so it isnt allowed here but there are sites that do have it. I would recommend a google search" and then immediately locking the thread like that actually helped me in some way is just f'ing ridiculous. You don't think I already searched Google beforehand? I went to countless sites and they all linked back to the original site or to a repository that no longer carries it. I just wanted to know if anyone already had it on their PC or knows a mirror site wher I could get it.

So, that being said go ahead and lock this thread again if you're not going to help. But if anyone out there has this app on thier PC or knows a mirro site, please, contact me via PM. Thank you.