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Thread: Backup of Internet Plug-ins for 1.1.4

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    Default Backup of Internet Plug-ins for 1.1.4
    hi, i have a jailbroken 1.1.4 and i was doing the sendfile stuff in ssh, and iwas adding the plugins and changed thier permissions, etc. , ive done it many times, no biggy, however for some reason i cannot open sites that strem mp4's to the itouch..... it is simple, i overwrited the plugins and now cant play mp4s in safari, i really like the config on my itouch now and would hate to have to restore, please if someone could ssh into thier 1.1.4 itouch's and copy the internet plug in folder, and send it that would save me alot of time, this is my absolute last resort, the folder is located at /System/Library please copy the internet plug-ins folder and send it, or if someone knows were i could get a copy........ thanx guys i really do appreciate it


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    hey dude, I had a similar problem over the weekend, thought I was going to need the same kind of help that you're requesting was even thinking about posting on a forum like this one, but actually was able to fix it myself! I experienced the problem when I downloaded the safari plugin package and then uninstalled it... I could no longer watch mp4 videos and i was pissed and thought it was a problem with iphppod and reinstalled that and php and apache and that still didn't solve it. So i poked around in the internet plugins directory and there was 1 for quicktime. Is this one deleted for you? if not, go into it using ssh or mobilefinder to /System/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/QuickTime Plugin and you should see two files.. Info.plist and Info.plist.old. Open the Info.plist file and it should look like a bunch of garbage "bplist00< I_CFBundleDevelopmentREgion_CFBundlePack...." if it doesn't look at the Info.plist.old file and if that one has the garbage, then replace the Info.plist with the Info.plist.old file and it should work.. that's what worked for me. The other file that I had was a nice xml file that had LCDownloder and File Download Plugin and some other stuff listed inside it. Hopefully this will work for you... if not let me know and I'll see if i can zip up my quicktime plugin folder for you! :-D

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    Default this link can help
    this link will show you how to get the internet and copycoding plugins

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