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Thread: BossTools Broke My Phone

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    Default BossTools Broke My Phone
    I got the BossTool to try and stop the annoying "running out of diskspace" message and now when i try to start an app, it crashes to the main screen.

    I clicked on Respring wondering if i had another problem with springboard (which i resolved only 2 mins before this happened!) but now thats froze.

    The LAST LAST LAST thing i want to do is restore...

    Any help is appreciated.


    I tried resetting the phone and now it stays on the apple logo with the little loading circle and wont move off that.
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    Make sure your in DFU mode, then restore.

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    Can you explain to me what DFU is?

    My iPhone wont even turn on anymore.. Looks like im gonna have to go for a full restore.
    If anyone could give me a step by step of what to do and how to unlock it to 1.1.4 and jailbreak and all, i would love you forever.

    I've only had my phone a few weeks

    UPDATE - I've just got the ZiPhone program and its guiding me through the process.

    This program is awesome and i highly recommend it to anyone who has had any problems with their phone.

    I'll keep you updated.

    I've currently booted iPhone in DFU mode and restored.
    I'm now unlocking, jailbreaking and activating.
    Everything working fine.
    I seem to have the older version of, anyone know how i get the new one?
    Also when i try to download SummerBoard it says 'Package Download Failed'
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    Installer should update itself just like every other app. As far as package download failed what you can do is try opening installer... hold the home button until Installer closes, then try it again. If that doesn't work try a hard reset.

    Question - Is it JUST summerboard that is giving you download issues or other apps too?

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    when you use bosstool. only move fonts. it gives plenty of space to keep your apps in the original location.
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    Most apps are downloading fine, just an odd few, and 1 just happens to be summerboard :/

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