I recently installed MobilePreview on my 1.1.4 phone (Ziphone jailbreak) and I have been having trouble getting it to do anything....

When I first tried to install it, it complained that it needed MobileFinder (which I already had), so I uninstalled, and re-installed MobileFinder. Then I was able to install MobilePreview. Unfortunately, MobilePreview does not seem to do anything (I can click on an image in MobileFinder and MobilePreview will open, but stay with a blank (or see-through to my desktop) screen.

Oddly, when I SSH into the phone (login as mobile), I get a message:
"/var/mobile/.profile:.1 no such file or directory: /var/mobile/Library/MobileFinder/.MobileFinderProfile
/var/mobile/.profile:.2 ..." and the message for .2 is the same.

The /var/mobile/.profile file only has two lines (both point to the missing .MobileFinderProfile" file.

Is the missing file part of my problem? What is in this file? What do I need to do to get MobilePreview working? Thanks!