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Thread: Lyrics Won't Show Up... HELP!!!

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    Default Lyrics Won't Show Up... HELP!!!
    Hello everyone out here.... I have TuneWiki installed on my iPhone... It used to work fine and show up the lyric of the songs... But I had to restore my iphone to its original settings as I installed Kate and everything frozed up....
    So.. I den uploaded same songs to my iphone afterwards but this time there are no lyrics showing up for any song...
    Please Help me!!!

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    Yep,I have the same problem,any help apriciated though...

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    steps to completely erase and restore TuneWiki: Please try the following
    1. on the installer, make sure TuneWiki is not in the 'uninstall' list. if it is, un-install it
    2. make sure BSD subsystem and OpenSSH are installed, and SSH is turned on. Use the installer to grab them if not.
    3. go to the setting and make sure you are hooked to the wireless network of your area; note your IP address on the phone or ipod.
    4. run FileZilla on your computer and link to the IP address of your iphone, port 22; If you do not have FileZilla, time to grab it - just Google that....
    5. Under FileZilla go to 'applications' and make sure (or delete) any TuneWiki prior version you have
    6. also make sure your iPhone or iPod still have memory available (i.e. you did not install every program from the installer, and did not download 2000 MP3 files on 8GB iPhone )
    7. once happy, turn off SSH or it will hog your battery
    8. restart your phone
    9. go to installer
    10. reinstall TuneWiki
    11. run it; see if the welcome page pops up - this is your indication that you have connection to our servers.

    if it does not help:
    in rare occasion we might want to log into your phone and see what's up. To allow that miracle to happen, you need all the above, then some:

    12. Log to your home router (usually under
    13. forward port 22 to the IP address of your phone
    14. go to and note your IP address.
    15. email [email protected] your IP address and your problem.
    16. If we have time available (and this is at the moment a big IF ;-( we will log to your iPhone and try to help .

    you MUST have a chat available so we can ask you to do things. AIM, Google talk, yahoo chat, skype - we can use any of them.

    Thanks, and sorry - we have more than half a million users and we only have 2 guys who can help, please understand if we simply can't get fast enough to help !

    the TuneWiki team

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