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Thread: SkrewCommon= major issues

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    Default SkrewCommon= major issues
    Ever since I downloaded SkrewCommon off of Installer, and then uninstalled it due to lagging issues, I have had so many problems. My phone will black out regardless of what I'm doing. It will laaaag as well still.
    What am I doing wrong? Can I fix this without restoring?
    Thank you for any advice!
    Running 1.1.4

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    Runs fine on my 1.1.4.

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    Which version of screw common was downloaded?

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    The new update from roughly 3 days ago. I thought uninstalling it would solve my problem, I am surprised that it is just as bad if not worse now. I'm not sure if it matters, but I also have the patch for 1.1.4 being able to use customize by tricking the program into "thinking" it's 1.1.3. Maybe this is screwing me up?
    Thank you for reading!
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    im on 1.1.4 as well and the screwcommon thing got me as well i assume it was that caus i haddnt any problems prior to it ..i ended up having to restoer locks and starting all over again that blew!

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    Skrew has disabled Skrewcommon until he can get it to function properly. They are currently up to beta build 1.17. I'm sure it will be available to the public soon.

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    yea man..I had major problems with that SkrewCommon app too...
    messed my phone up, was about to restore, but somehow I got around it and uninstalled w/o hesitation. now I'm back to normal

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    I uninstalled skrewcommon with installer and found skrewchmod, skreweca, skrewffmpeg, skrewfind, and skrewunzip in the /bin directory via SSH.

    Is it OK to delete these manually?

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    i hate this.. again..

    apple logo.. i can connect via iphonebrowser for like 2 minutes going extremely slow..
    any suggestions ? pls? quick?

    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    Guys, if you want to delete anything with skrewcommon in it, just go around looking for it in WinSCP. You know it is skrewcommon if not only does it have the same name, but it was last modified the day you installed it...

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    Major problems with skrewcommon 1.49 totally hosted my iPhone after an install and reboot. Sits at the apple logo. I was able to use iphone pc suite 0.2.1 to get into my phone, but there is no folder. I found that if I remove ringtoneshook file from usr/local/bin and reboot the phone Im able to get back in. I then copied back ringtoneshook, chmod 777 it and rebooted and got stuck on the apple screen again. So i removed it, booted into iphone, copied it back and ran the uninstaller but It kept the rintonshook file. I then used terminal to run ringtoneshook -uninstall. it looks like it removed most files. I still had to delete the ringtoneshook file from the phone.

    I have intelliscreen installed on my phone that might be conflicting with it
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