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Thread: Terminal help please

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    Default Terminal help please
    I am running firmware 1.1.4
    I downloaded the maps offline app but everytime I open it it just hangs a second then crashes back to home screen. I read somewhere that changing permissions could help...???? sound right???
    Anyways, I tried using mobile finder but nothing stays changed, I read that for finder to work in 1.4 you have to modify it in terminal. Or I can use terminal to set the permissions, so I tried that but I can not even get into terminal it wants a login and password? I have no idea. After much searching I tried the combinations of root/mobile and alpine/dottie, but no luck.

    Can someone please help me figure out how to get into terminal, and fix my permissions and fix mobile finder?

    Also, if you say SSH I have no idea what that means, I have not had to use it yet. lol

    Thank you for any input.

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    Have you changed your password yet? You may have if you have SSHed into your phone previously. But if you haven't the default password for 1.1.4 is alpine. After you log in with the terminal, use the command 'passwd' to enter password changing mode. After you change your password, use the command 'su' and enter alpine again to log in as root (administrator), and change the password again. After that, use the command 'cd' to change to the directory of finer, and execute 'chmod 755 FILENAME' on it to set the permissions.

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    Thanks, but what is the login for terminal\? It wants a login and password.
    Also, I do not have any idea how to do SSH or what apps to use. I have OSx 10.5.2 is there a good ssh program to use that is easy?

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    Do NOT change your password with passwd. It will cause your Springboard to go into a rebooting loop.

    The login for terminal is User: root Pass: alpine
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