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Thread: iPod Alarm clock.... why doesn't it seem to exist?

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    Default iPod Alarm clock.... why doesn't it seem to exist?
    Okay, is it just me or is this something that EVERYONE seems to have overlooked? I don't know, perhaps it exists and the fact my forum searches revealed nothing is only a reflection on my crappy spelling!

    I love my iPhone, but if I have to wake up to HARP, or ALARM or any other ringtone in this thing again, I just might not ever set my alarm clock again and sleep forever!

    Anyways, I digress, It would be amazing to have an application that works LIKE a clock radio! When I set the alarm, my iPhone starts playing music from my music library (perhaps a specific playlist - randomized). Since like most people, I like music, I'd let it keep playing as I would my clock radio, except without the annoying static.



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    iHomee... that is what I use.. but I have my iPod hooked up.. I am sure the iPhone would work though..

    And plus, the iHome is mucchhhhh louder then the iPhone.
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    The iPhone may buzz the iHome with GMS interference if it's not properly shielded. I'm thinking of getting one of them though. I can always use my older iPod with it.
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    My iPhone is loud enough to wake me with it's lame ringtones, but I want to listen to my music while I wake up and get out of bed.

    There are programs out there such as Tap Tap Revolution that accesses the iPod library on the iPhone, how hard could it be to attach a clock and make it start playing music at a specified time? (Obviously as a stand alone program and NOT in Tap Tap Revolution). If there is no program out there that does it, I might have to learn how to code for the iPhone.... I was just hoping there would have been something a little more available.

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