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Thread: Edge Issues 1.1.4 Unlocked

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    Default Edge Issues 1.1.4 Unlocked
    Okay, so I pwnd and then restored my 16gig 1.1.4 OOB new iPhone. I used a custom 1.1.4 firmware without changing any of the default options (check marks and such). I neutered the 4.6BL and unlocked. Other than having to install the youtube fix from installer everything worked like a charm including edge and wifi. So I tried to stick a new sim from another At&T phone into the iPhone assuming it would work fine. Everything continues to work with wifi, calls, etc...but no edge all of a sudden. If I put the original sim card back in edge works again....What gives? Was the unlock not successful?

    Yes, I have reset network connections as well as all settings....didn't help
    Yes, I downloaded and toggled edge on BossPrefs.....didn't help either

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    Have no idea,try restoring again.....

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    Your not the only one. I have the same exact problem after unlocking my phone. And yes, its 1.1.4. I've tried restoring it like 3 times and still no EDGE. Chances are your not gonna get help...

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    same here. I've tried everything. I have restored more times than I can count and tried 20 other different things. I'm on 1.1.4 with AT&T and I'm stuck with no EDGE. No one can seem to explain/fix it. Dev Team help us!

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    If the EDGE icon is missing, generally it is because the line being used does not have internet / SMS / MMS enabled. I have 4 lines with AT&T (all are iPhones) and my 15 y.o. line is only set up for calls sans no icon. I thought this too was wierd at first until I tried his SIM on my other 3 iPhones and all did not display the icon when using his SIM.

    Also check under services, the EDGE might be on the OFF position...
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