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Thread: "uShow"- beta?

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    Default "uShow"- beta?
    I was just wondering... besides the fact that uShow's time-line is not exactly accurate, why is there a sign-up page?
    As far as I understand, mostly signing up is used to limit the number of users because its just beta testing, but thats not really the case since it should have been closed by now.
    Another use is to control the users, but that's only useful to online-related apps, such as Customize. Which is not the case again.

    So, why did I give away my details, including my e-mail, personal password and iPhone serial number to a total stranger?

    I do respect the programmer, but there are too many question marks around. If he could just explain some of them, everyone would be relaxed.

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    I was under the impression beta would close once the desired number of signups have been reached.

    Furthermore, in talking to other developers on a personal basis, they appear to be on the fence about posting their app to jailbroken iphones because it may - or may not - affect their acceptance into the iTunes appstore later on.

    Food for thought.

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    Ok, the app is coming. It has gotten very corporate between all the companies he has worken with, and all of the licenses he needs to use code etc. Maybe the limit he set hasnt reached the amount he wanted yet. And the reason you give your serial number is so that you couldnt just copy the app and give it to someone else. It will only work if the serial number matches the one you entered...

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    Isnt this app free ?

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    Busha,it is i guess.

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    I dont understand because I signed up it says u would be contacted in 24 - 48 hrs
    it is now 2 and a half weeks later and still no response i even donated on their site
    so i dont know if they are full of sh$% or what....
    I just know they need to tell people what the hell is goin

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