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Thread: Lightsaber iPhone

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    Default Lightsaber iPhone
    I don't know if it's possible on the iPhone but my friend has a macbook that makes use of the accelerometer to make it sound like a light saber when you move it side to side. I know it is dorky, but could the same be done on the iphone? If anyone can please take my idea and run with it!

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    I believe there is an iSaber app for iPhone... I'm not sure that it makes noise, but I know it has to do with the accelerometer.

    iSaber makes light saber noises when you move your iPhone around. I’m sure future versions will have some nifty graphics, but right now its just showing the accelerometer output…

    Available via Installer.
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    Hmmm... it's not displaying under mine I am running with Community Sources, and iApp-a-day... Is there a way to get more sources?

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    The program you mention also looks alot like sensors, but it is unavailable or not on a source I have for 1.1.1. Does anyone know where I can find this?

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    Thanked 395 Times in 268 Posts the iBrickr pxl repositry. Scroll down to I and you'll find it there. I had this ages ago, and it wasn't very good, it was basically the "Sensors" app with two lightsaber sounds.
    But if you really want it...It's there

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    it doesnt work very well though I wish it did.
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