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Thread: Does Uninstall Remove Everything?

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    Default Does Uninstall Remove Everything?
    I just got the "low disk space" message, so I checked my disk space and it's 17MB of 300 OS, and 1124MB free of 7440 on/var.

    So I uninstalled the piano app (4.5MB) and there was no change to my OS memory (still 17MB). It did affect the on/var, but I thought it would reduce OS as well.

    Also, when I check out SSH it shows some remnants of uninstalled apps. How do I remove these completely?

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    This doesn't answer the question directly, but you can simply download BossTool and free up those 300MB. BossTool moves your Fonts, Ringtones and Applications to the 7440MB partition. Hope this helps!

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    Thanks, I was thinking about that but I had a few questions first:

    -If I move my installed applications to the other drive, (BossTool), will I still be able to use them in exactly the same fashion as I do now?

    -If I just move fonts and wallpaper, will this make any noticeable difference?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Apps will run just fine and all you really need to move are the fonts. BTW, answering your thread title, uninstalling dosent usually get rid of everything. Like the .app folder will be gone, but usually stuff hidden behind the scenes wont, like with VNotes, I accidentally uninstalled it, but luckily the recordings didnt delete in the uninstall so after reinstalling VNotes, everything was back to normal...

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    ^So is that bad? Like shouldn't you get everything off of there for no other reason than cleaning it up, not to mention if you need to restore?

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    I never use the uninstall button on Installer.

    If I want something gone I usually delete the .app folder from SSH. This ensures that everything is gone and that nothing is left over.

    Also BossTool is a good idea, moving the fronts gave me an extra 39MB, and even if you are using an iTouch, move the ringtones. I have an iTouch and when I moved ringtones I got an extra 2MB, not much, but you might need it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALL DAY View Post
    ^So is that bad? Like shouldn't you get everything off of there for no other reason than cleaning it up, not to mention if you need to restore?
    It usually isnt that bad. Like if you know you want to delete VNotes, just delete every recording so that when you uninstall, all you are left with is a folder called Recordings with nothing in it...

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    I don't see why you are all telling him to move ringtones and fonts.
    Those you don't need to move.

    Here is the situation:
    Your iPod has 2 partitions. A 300mb one for apps, ringtones, fonts, and the rest for music, movies, etc.
    As you install apps you will need to free up space in the 300 mb partition. Moving ringtones will free up space, as will fonts. Nevertheless, as you continue to install more apps, they will still go in the 300mb partition. Soon, it will tell you (again) that you need to free up disk space.
    If you move apps, they will go in the bigger partition and will create a symbolic link between the 2 partitions. Any time you install apps, they will go in the larger partition. Even if you do not move fonts and ringtones, that partition will not fill up any more unless you install ringtones or fonts (unlikely, especially on an iPod).

    So, you can just move apps and be on your way.

    Finally, some apps (like games that you can save) create more than just the app when you install them. For example, TTR will add a "TTR" folder in /var/mobile/media that contains "Music" and "Taps," both of which will still be there if you uninstall TTR.

    Because of this, I generally refresh every once in a while to clear up those leftover files.
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