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Thread: Great News from iPhone Video Recorder, WOW

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    Coldrg, so I assume that since my video didn't encode properly the first time that it's lost forever?

    There's no way to re-encode a file that already finished encoding?

    I tried to convert it in quicktime to a few different formats but the video still freezes at the same spot

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldrg View Post
    As a matter of fact, we are using iPhone's built-in email system. Therefore, problem with sending via email has little to do with the recorder.

    1. Please make sure the setting of SMTP server is correct.

    2. You may check email attachment setting. Some email systems do not support big-size attachment.

    3. You can transfer videos to PC by ibrickr or winscp and so on.
    For firmware 1.1.2 or below: /private/var/root/Media/iPhoneVideoRecorder
    For firmware 1.1.3 and 1.1.4: /private/var/mobile/Media/iPhoneVideoRecorder

    You can transfer videos to Mac by iPhone Video Recorder to Mac Transfer.
    iPhone Video Recorder to Mac Transfer is a free utility we have recently released. It can transfer the videos you record with iPhone Video Recorder to Mac by USB.
    You can download it here: Http://

    Hope these help.
    Hey thanks alot for the feedback, from your tips, about the size of the attachment, that seems to be the problem, so far the biggest file i've been able to send successfully was 1.2 mb, i tried to send a 4.1MB first and kept crashing and later i tried the 1.2MB and it worked, i was messing around to see the biggest i could send and i tried 3.3MB but that crashed mail too...havent tried sending anymore but i'm gonna mess around to see whats the biggest file size i can send..i'm thinking 2MB hopefully, anyways thanks for your help again

    hey guys it seems this problem is only with yahoo, i sent the 3.3MB file just fine on gmail !!
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    Gmail can send up to 20mb attachments, it's pretty beast

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    Great app. You can't expect too much since it's a "phone" recorder but i believe the quality could be a little better. and not sure how to set up the balance? cause most of the videos are quite dark (perhaps the lack of flash on the phone might have helped?)

    Nonetheless Good Job the best so far

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    skrewcommon 1.46 is preventing iphonevideorecorder from encoding the videos......any ides on the last stable version would be. Thanks
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    Any update on when we can see this in the appstore? I'm REALLY missing this app since going 2.0

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    Here Here!!!!!!!! please I paid for my license on my 1st gen iphone!!! now with my 3g im missing it lol

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    I sure hope they're planning bringing it tothe Appstore, they would most likely make lots of money, if they're the first ones to it

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    iPhone Recorder Frequently Asked Questions:

    1, Can it run on 3G iPhone?
    We are going to update this app as iPhone firmware upgrades, and it will be made to smoothly run on 3G iPhone. We are also preparing for listing in AppStore. Registered users are entitled to permanent free upgrades.
    Its the first question on their FAQ, so I'm hoping its something we'll see sooner than later :P

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    Does anybody know if this works on a jailbroken 2.0?

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    Quote Originally Posted by madmanmax3000 View Post
    Does anybody know if this works on a jailbroken 2.0?
    Not yet.. but it will soon.

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    as soon as installer 4.0 drops im pretty suer we sill be seeing alot more of our apps back on t he scene

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    I hope so. I didn't check the app store before I upgraded to 2.0 so I assumed iphonevideorecorder would be on there. I've had a couple times I wanted to use it in the past week only to remember that its gone.

    Plus it'd be nice to know that I didn't pay the $20 for nothing...

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    I know that everyone is perfectly happy with Cycorder. but is anyone aware of this wonderful app, that I paid for, being updated for 2.1+???

    I've tried to contact the developer but he is obviously to busy to respond.

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    iPhone Video Recorder V3.0 released after two month hard work.
    The newly released version 3.0 supports on-the-fly recording to mov file with the video quality improved dramatically.
    Try it:
    Cydia source: ""

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    wow, thats a LONG time without saying anything (and probably the best course of action).

    lets see what you've got xD

    edit: weird, app dindt show up after adding the source and refreshing, but it apeared under your source as com.dreamcatcher.videorecorder3g
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    Has anyone gotten the share via email working? Everytime I click on send as email it just highlights and does nothing. The youtube thing actually goes to another screen.

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    I downloaded the trial. It doesn't have a standby mode like Cycorder does. It is only recording or the menu screen. Can the full version be used as a viewfinder without recording and then press record when you are ready? Thanks

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