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Thread: How do you setup Apache Webserver?

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    Default How do you setup Apache Webserver?
    I've been looking for a few days and I can't find an exact guide on how to do this?

    How do you set up apache on your home computer and iphone in order to access your files from you computer on your iphone and vice versa if possible?

    Thank you for any help.

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    Here is a well working and easy VNC you might want to try out.

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    Default lol
    lol. That's the VNC client I sent you earlier or someone. Yea I already use that and I use VNsea. But that is completely different from what I need

    I want to stream my movies and music and other files from my computer to my iPhone remotely. I have dot tunes, but it always crashes. Aveenu doesn't stream your music and movies, just documents. That's why i mentioned Apache specifically.

    But I read in a guide that you can stream movies and music and every file on your computer through apache. But the author assumed you knew how to set up apache and etc. I tried downloading apache and installing it but it can't even access my port even though its a well port forwarded port. So, I need someone to help instruct me or point me to a guide that tells you how to install and configure apache on your computer and what you need to do to access it on your iphone which i assume is just pointing safari to the host addressort.

    k i got apache to run, but I can't open up music or video files. I'm using this website as a guide

    Any help would be much appreciated

    Right now I get "this file is too large to open" etc. and my m4as open up in some sort of txt code.

    But most pdfs and mp3s and jpgs and docs are doing good. Oh my music videos are doing good as well

    Yea just my 300 meg tv shows and 1 gigs videos don't play. I guess this application doesn't get passed that

    So the iphone website is telling me I need byte range requests configured to play movies up to 2gigs on my server? Anyone know how to do that?

    NVM I fixed it. The videos that wouldn't play were m4v extension and I had to edit the mime.types file in the apache folder to encopde m4v as mp4.
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