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Thread: rWallaper & Wallpaper PROBLEM Can anyone HELP

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    Default rWallaper & Wallpaper PROBLEM Can anyone HELP

    My favorite app, wallpaper is superb.
    The only thing i really do not like is the fact that all the wallpapers i download, do not show up when i am using rWallpaper.
    Even when they are in the same directory (settings-wallpaper)

    What i would really like is that rWallpaper uses the wallpapers that i downloaded too.

    Can anyone help me??

    hope to hear soon.

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    Thank you for the question - it got me noticing my downloaded wallpapers weren't showing up. I am also a big fan of and now rWallpaper. Here's how I got rWallpaper working the way you'd like it to--in other words, the coolest way.
    with iPhonebrowser (use your preferred method:ssh, iBrickr, Finder, etc.) I went to var/mobile/Library/Wallpaper and saved a copy of the folder to my pc. Then, I sorted all those PNGs with the really long filenames by dimensions - you only want the 320x480s. when I included the thumbnail PNGs they looked like **** as wallpaper. I used RenameMaster (any renaming app will do) to replace those long filenames with numbers (01.png, 02.png etc.). Next, I copied all those renamed 320x480 PNGs back to my iPhone (again with iphonebrowser - not the only way to do it) THIS TIME placing them in the directory ROOT/Library/Wallpaper. Of course the "use photos" button on rWallpaper needs to be OFF.
    Works for me. hope that helps. Now if there were only a way to set the interval to less than 10 minutes...

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    put suggestions on author (me) forum of rWallpaper. So i will remember suggestion(s) when make an update!
    iPhone 4 / iPad 2

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