Ok seeing that the iphone does not comunicate with the sim card to view your contacts is a big problem.

I added my contacts to yahoo address book. first i added the phone no eg:07788654321. Name: John Appleseed. when i got a text message from that no i got a text message from +447788654321. not showing the name. So i changed the numbers in yahoo to +447788654321 when i got another text message for this number it came up with "John Appleseed". The problem is if this number calls me it comes up on the iphone with 07788654321 does not give you the name even though you have it stored on the phone. somehow it does not realise that +44 and 0 go together. How do i make this stupid phone come up with a name for when i get a text message and the same name when the same number is calling me.
Anybody have any veiws?..

Thanx Guy's