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Thread: Icon arrangement keeps screwing up

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    Default Icon arrangement keeps screwing up
    Hey everybody. I just finished reinstalling all of my apps and now, every time I restart the SpringBoard, my icon order gets set back to default and I have to reorder everything. Does anyone have a solution?
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    Default Same here
    Sorry I don't have an answer, but I am having the same problem. I get the board how I like it with a blank front page to show the wallpaper, contacts image icons next followed by most used apps etc. Then it blows out all over the place with no apparent order on the next re-spring (which is unavoidable).

    It really is infuriating. I can't figure out when it started. I tried uninstalling the last few programs that I put on, but it just isn't holding the pattern. I think this may have happened after a crash, which has left my iphone running slow and leading to frequent lockups on certain programs (most notably "categories" )so I am suspecting that there is a config file somewhere that has become corrupt along with other files.

    Any help would be appreciated, but I am guessing I will have to blank and re-load the OS and start again

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    I believe my brother had this issue when upgrading to 2.2... It wasnt because he upgraded to 2.2.... I believe it was either due to the fact when he restored he used his backup that was corrupt due to CATEGORIES... and i guess corrupt is a bad word... its just there is a known glitch that when you upgrade you MUST UN-HIDE your apps and remove them from categories.



    go though and unhide all apps then re-arrange and respring.... hopefully that helps

    IF NOT,

    you will have to re-store and here is the deal..... do NOT use your backup... create a NEW ONE

    I know its a hastle... but it will fix the gitch

    PS. Not using your old backup will make you loose all your photos, SMS's, notes and e-mail settings
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    Thanks MrB,

    Tried your 1st suggestion, but no joy. If I remember right this problem occurred before I installed the categories app. I put it on to see if it would help by removing apps to folders.

    I now think that my problem i a bit more serious as I keep booting into safemode. Prior to this the dialer was failing and I could only make a call through the contacts list. The screen would disappear after connecting and I couldn't terminate a call unless I switched off the phone (lots of answer phone messages left with me cursing my iPhone LOL)

    I think my safest option is to blank and re-pwn the phone, nothing on there that I need to keep, so no great shakes.

    Thanks for the suggestions

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