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Thread: [GUIDE] Usefull Apps And How To Use Them

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    whats the community sources? how would i add that... whats the source name... (http://______)?

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    Default new iphone owner needs help!!!!
    hi guys, one of my friends just bought a unlocked iphone and he wants to know what applications are safe for him to add and some good websites for the apps that wont get his phone locked.

    can anyone plaease help coz i just know that if he updeates his itunes, his phone will get locked


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    None of the apps mentioned will lock your phone but if some thing were to go wrong you can easily restore with itunes. Is your friends iphone jailbroken or is it ATT?

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    i already have these but its still good info great job!

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    hey need some advice plz, I got the installer and am paranoid to start installing anything mostly cuz I left my iTunes set to auto sync when connected. Does this matter or can I just go ahead and install apps? and what do i want to start installing? I mostly want themes and an IM app. thx and great job btw. o and when that pop up box in iTunes comes up asking to send critical info to help them blah blah we want to send that? or will they know we hacked it with that info?

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrew2012 View Post
    Im on 1.1.2 and all of the following apps are working stable on my iphone:
    Mobile TextEdit
    aha, i've just install this app...sum1 has claim that this app can handle office file, but can it recognize an office file like excel, doc/rtf, ppt/pps and other office files ? if yes, where should i put the files on iphone ? cos when i put it on .../vavr/root/... it doesn't recognized em at all..

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    thanks for this nice guide !

    no spam
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    What's Jailbreak? adeel akmal's Avatar
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    can anyone tell me how can i use the apps that are given in mmi's app list

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    I'm using Cydia does that have the necessary files to install all the apps talked about in this thread. I only ask because I've tried using themes but they aren't working everytime my phone reboots. I looked at my Cydia installer and couldn't find summerboard, Apollo , iswitcher or anything else mentioned. I am new to this and could use some detailed guidance of what to do. I'm running 1.1.4 with cydia and I know I'm missing so much more. Please help out thanks.

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    IIRC the OS and Apps are on a different partition than your sync files. I have been told by itunes several times there's to much to sync especially after a few days of video podcast backups. Don't think its an issue.

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    I just got an iPhone and I jailbreak and everything using iLiberty+ version 1.30 as to my knowledge is the latest version. It has cydia and I could not find summerboard using it and I know that I could do so only using installer. I understand that summerboard will enable me to install themes as well as cancel the 80 apps limit and i was wondering if I can get summerboard without adding the installer.
    If not, is it right to say that i can add installer using iLiberty again?
    and are there anything wrong with using Installer together with Cydia if not, then is there anything i should look out for?
    Do advise because i'm not really good at these stuffs and I truly need some help to set up my new iPhone.
    Thanks so much in advance!

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I was wondering if there's an app or some kinda utility that can connect to my MAC without the use of a wireless router?


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    Hi there,
    I recently started using iPhone (1.1.3) and installing apps. My phone crashed few days ago while installing Kate (customisation tools) through installer. I spend last 2 days searching for a solution as my iTunes was not restoring it. I figured it out somehow and restore it to 1.1.4. I ulocked and jailbreaked it with ziphone 3.0. Problem now is that even though i did jail break, it still wont open up the file structure of iPhone so that I can copy files. I tried to Jailbreak again using Ziphone but of no use. Can any one help please.
    For file transfer, I am using iBrickr and Total commander. Both of them were working fine before but they dont now.

    Thanks in advance for all help.

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    What about if you don't have installer but you have cydia - what applications are good to download with that one??

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    Thanks for your starter! This will get me properly started, njow only if there were more guides like this

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    can someone help me please? i just got my phone unlocked, i added to my installer but i cant see the program i want in the installer, but i see it on the website..where am i going wrong? can someone point me into the direction of a guide or something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by B MAN View Post
    can someone help me please? i just got my phone unlocked, i added to my installer but i cant see the program i want in the installer, but i see it on the website..where am i going wrong? can someone point me into the direction of a guide or something?
    try to refresh the source..
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I'm really new to all this. I appreciate all you shared.. However I'm still lost. I've paid to download some themes, I've downloaded wallpaper, flashlight( lol I know) dictionary, and a few games... What do you think of the video recorders, and cameras.. I would appreciate some suggestions for a real NOOB.. I also hit you with a thanks, your subject matter was exactly what I was looking for.. Still a bit over my head.. I guess I'm interested in anything in the really cool app department.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Sup everyone I'm a noob at this and need help finding iswitcher pm me please

    oh and also where to get customize/rSBT
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    Quote Originally Posted by FreeMyIpodTouch View Post
    Check out my site it has alot of information on cool apps

    The Ipod Touch | the ipod touch....revealed
    it doesn't work ....
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