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Thread: problem with sms app ???

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    Default problem with sms app ???
    hi everyone

    my problem is that whenever i go the homescreen it shows a red cyrcle with white 1 inside which means i have a new text message, but the thing is that there is no any new messages but it just keeps shows me the red cyrcle with the white 1 inside it.

    how can i solve this proplem ???

    thanks in advance

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    its not possible. u have a message check again
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    dude it been for a whole week, i'm pretty sure.

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    when u enter ur there's a message (1) on top. press that
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    o0oh really !!! .. i didn't know that
    i know it sounds strange but man i'm not that stupid to tell me something like this ...

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    lol then i have no idea what to tell u.. any screenshots ?

    another thing u may do is delete the sms.db by sshing.. save ur msges first though
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    have you tried just going into the SMS app and holding the home button to force it to close?

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    This issue involve virtual voicemail. I guess you not use AT&T SIM right? Easy way to clear alert, just reset your iphone.

    However, it will be back again. I suggest you to define voicemail button to your carrier voicemail or use voicemail button to speed dial.

    open keypad
    then press call
    That's it!

    you can use voicemail button to speed dial.
    ie. your girl friend phone number is 1234567
    you may press
    *5005*86*1234567# then press call

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    Mine has the same problem, I found out that every sometime a message getting crash or iphone keep saying 'NEW MESSAGE' pointed to 'that message' (the broken / crash one)

    This thing makes SMSD crash! I can not use my SMSD
    But when I delete that message, everything just OK

    Don't know why or how to fix it, but try to figure out which message always detect as new one then delete it.....i figure out only one every sometime

    Rebooting phone never solve my problems, just delete it!

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    thanks god that there is another one has the same problem not just me.
    so ,,, you think the only way is to delete the whole conversation including that message, cos i deleted the message that keeps saying this is a new message but it still keeps saying that , so i think i have to delete the whole conversation with that person to get rid of this problem.

    is there any way to save the messages in the PC and then retrieve it again ?

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