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Thread: Twinkle - "near me" function not working

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    Default Twinkle - "near me" function not working
    hi all,

    never used twitter before but have really got into it using this app

    unfortunately the "near me " function has stopped working and i'm now getting crashes back to springboard.

    anyone having the same problems?

    it also seems to conflict with locate me on the Maps app as this sometimes stops working to.(solved with a hard reset)

    my phone is a 1.0.2 restored to 1.1.4 j/b with iplus.

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    wow, no-one else getting this problem?

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    I am having the same problem when I am using the EDGE service. When I am at home on WiFi the service works flawlessly.
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    anyone having an issue with retrieving tweets. it worked for a while and i did a restore and reinstalled and it is now stuck at "hang in there for a sec. were loading all your tweets for the first time." any ideas?

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    Default "Near Me" not working too!
    i installed my twinkle in school and was accessing it through VPN and everything worked perfectly.

    when i got home and hooked it up with my wifi, i turned my VPN off and i could not access Near Me anymore! I read that Twinkle's Locate Me feature was hinging on google map's so i went to Maps but it did locate me very accurately.

    Now what is strange is this, when i select distance range to 252000 miles i could actually see people! - nowhere near me though. and when i selected distance range to 1000 i could see 2 posts.

    so next when i tried to post it still read location unknown and it could locate me, and when i posted i couldnt find my post anywhere, except on the Home function.

    Now when i on VPN, (which i had no use for at home) the surprisingly thing was that I could actually access Near Me at 50miles! it showed people near to me, but I COULDNT post too! my location was still unknown.

    Anyone knows what's the problem here?

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    I'm 1.1.4 on 4.6 bootloader (1.1.0 OTB), T-Mobile with T-zones.

    When I first installed Twinkle, the home and Public tabs worked fine, but Near Me never did (either on WiFi or Edge). Then, about a week ago, the home tab stopped loading new tweets. Just today, Near Me decided to work for the first time, but no home tab. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but no dice:
    I get "Hang in there for a sec. We're loading all your tweets for the first time"
    On Near Me, I get "Attempting to locate you." and frequent crashes back to springboard.
    WTF? Any help out there?

    Update: I should mention that Locate Me has been finicky on Edge since the 1.1.4 update.

    Update: no luck with hard reset.
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    try following someone or have someone follow you. send them a tweet and vice vera and should show up on home tab. i had the message "hang in there, we are loading..." i did this and it worked.

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    near me starts working when i move to different area's.
    yet the edge coverage where i live is great and ang the map app. location gets me within about 10 metres!
    "near me" still hangs on "attempting to locate you".

    must be a conflict with twinkle and the map app.

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    thanks reebs, that worked for me. (sent a private message and when I received the reply my home tab started working again. still no luck with near me...

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    after sending the message and getting an answer back the home tab works but only shows messages and no tweets. i can successfully post tweets from the program but it doesnt show the update in the home tab and when someone else posts one it still doesnt show.

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    after receiving a tweet, it started working again nicely.

    if you're having problems with twinkle, try asking another user to send you a direct tweet (or you can create another user at twitter and send a message to yourself).

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    I posted quite a few tweets today and had no problem with the geolocation. I do know, however, that it is fickle, but its never been a hinderance.

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    location in my local area all of a sudden started working again about a week ago.
    a couple of local users appeared at the same time and they were having the same problem.
    i'm no expert but it must have been some kind of problem with my local cell mast.
    weird. but i'm twittering away hapilly now

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    I have this problem too...

    Can anyone send me a tweet please??

    My username is fryvlc

    Thank you very much!!!!

    Peace, love and air conditioned! xD

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