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Thread: Downgrading 1.1.1 To 1.0.2 With Youtube The One Click Easy Way

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    Talking Downgrading 1.1.1 To 1.0.2 With Youtube The One Click Easy Way
    OK so this is the easy way to downgrade (with mac)

    ok first download the restore image from Apple:

    ok now hold the top and middle buttons together and when it turns off keep holding then when it powers back on release the top button and keep holding the middle button until it shows a usb cable and the itunes logo

    2. when you plug it in it will say it is in recovery mode so hold ALT WHILE PRESSING RESTORE IN ITUNES then you choose the restore image u downloaded (i recommend putting that on the desktop) it will restore software firmware etc. it will say error thats fine

    3. run apptap download from: and select firmware 1.0.2 from the list and wait then you will see a activate iphone screen thats fine

    4. download INdependance the NEW version ok now open it and click jailbreak then after that select Activate and thats it for activation.

    5. enable ssh from independance if thats still not working then try this ok after SSH is enabled download this then enter your iphones ip adress you can find that in settings>wifi and next to the network youre connected to click on the tiny blue arrow and write down your ip adress then run that software and enter your ip adress

    7.PHEEWWW!! ok now download anySIM 1.1 or if you have iphonesimfree USE THAT ITS MUCH MUCH MORE SAFE ok download anySIM from ok then go to independance and go to the applications tab and click add then select the anySIM 1.1 folder and once its done run anySIM thats it

    oh and youtube can be enabled by following this

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