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Thread: Funny stuff happening with customize 2.0

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    Default Funny stuff happening with customize 2.0
    As you all know customize 2.0 has been released on the the spicy chicken source wich can be found in

    I had customize 2.0 working fine, everything worked and ect. i had to reset my phone to reinstall summerboard since it wouldnt show up on the springboard, when I uninstalled it, it asked me to restart my phone, and that caused my phone to freeze at the apple logo

    So i ziphoned my phone and restored everything

    Now i installed summerboard and customize again, but now customize crashes, so i sshed into my phone went to the applications folder and customize folder and changed all the permissions to 0777

    Now customize opens fine

    Now i tried applying the same theme i did last time, but this time part of the them is being applied, no battery slider and apps and ect.

    So i started going into my iphone and try appling 0777 on most of the folders

    Now I tried applying the theme again, Now more parts of the theme show up, but not the entire thing,

    I assumed that i needed to set my permissions before using customize 2.0, But witch permissions do I set? SUID fix dosent work (and im on 1.1.4, i dont know if it matters), Is there a guide to what folders im supposed to set the permissions to?
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    I had this freeze problem 4 times in 2 days...I restored the first 3 times, I almost lost it the fourth time:P What I did then was this..I used WinSCP, luckily SSH was turned on, and I could log in..Then I deleted AND the selected theme...Right after I delted them, The apple logo disappeared, and my HomeScreen showed, as if nothing happened:P So this might work for you, too next time....

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    Thanks Ill try that Next time my phone frezzes but thats already over, I just want to fix customize 2.0 permissions I need to know where to set 0777 on the folders and ect.

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    Kind of off-topic but is there a place where I could request icons for customize. I don't have a computer so cant make one myself. pm if you wouldn't mind doing it for me. I just want one of the aliens from aqua teen as my "carrier image." igniknokt or err. You know, the ones that caused all that commotion in Boston.

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