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    i'm using winSCP to add the finder icon to my homescreen on my ipod touch. i added it to my applications folder and i set the file permissions. now what? it's not on my iPod. help!

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    Well you said "Finder icon", But you mean application? right?
    You need more then the icon for finder to work.
    More info Please

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    yeah like i downloaded it from here in icons only and then i just dragged it over into my applications folder on WinSCP. I want it on my ipod touch's homescreen to link to all my applications on my ipod touch.

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    Ok That was only the icon you downloaded. remove that icon from the applications folder. You can install MobileFinder with Installer
    MobileFinder is not the best app to use for a Launcher.
    Use Dock or Launcher

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    i'm really confused. i see youtube videos with people with that finder icon. ya know the one usually found on macs. i just want it on my homescreen like them and i have absolutely no idea how.

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    go to Installer
    Install MobileFinder
    Be careful with it

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    i tried to and it didn't work.

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    BSD Subsystems

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