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Thread: Need a bit of help please? :)

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    Default Need a bit of help please? :)
    Hello.. xx

    I'm an iphone n00b, and need some help. I have looked around the forum, but can't find the direct answer (or one I can understand) to what are probably simple (please God!) questions.

    I'll list them, if that's ok:

    1) If I want to uninstall something, do I have to go back through Installer to uninstall? It's time consuming and frankly difficult to wade through apps to find the one you want to uninstall, especially as sometimes the name on the button doesn't seem to tally with the name the Installer has for it. Is there like a 'downloads' section on the phone for things I've downloaded somewhere?

    2) I think I need something called Summerboard if I want to import themes? Is that right?

    3) I've already tried to d/l a couple of themes, but I can't find out where they've disappeared to, so no doubt they're clogging up the phone somewhere. Sorry about asking this dumb question, I have searched the forums first!

    Thanks for you help...I'm learning!

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    1. yes, u'd have to uninstall it through installer.
    2. yes, SMBPrefs or Summerboard (same thing, same program) is the one u're looking for
    3. depends on the version u are. on 1.1.4 they are located in var>mobile>Library>SummerBoard>Themes
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    Hi GinaP, once you have Summerboard installed you will have an icon called SMB. This will be the icon that allows you to select a theme you have installed.

    Hope this helps

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    Thank you to both of you, and apologys for posting this in the wrong place (I see it's been moved!)

    OK, so I'll get this Summerboard thing, and hope it works! Do you have any idea where my previously installed themes have disppeared to? I'd like to get them out if poss, no point them clogging up my phone.

    Stocis says:
    3. depends on the version u are. on 1.1.4 they are located in var>mobile>Library>SummerBoard>Themes
    Knowing that this makes me look incredibly dim...what is 'var'? Sorry ::blushes::

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    var is a folder in the top iphone directory.
    your missing themes probably got put in var/root/Library/Summerboard/Themes instead of var/mobile/Library/SummerBoard/Themes where they should be.
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    Thanks I just have to work out where the iphone directories are! I'll have a good look through this board later.

    I've installed Summerboard, but the themes are mixed up. In other words, what the theme is called isn't what it is....It makes me feel like giving up, I don't want to snarl up my iphone when I'm not competant to sort it out afterwards! Eeeeek!

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    download OpenSSH... it makes it easy to browse from the pc.

    1. you need to have a wifi connection
    2. download winscp application
    3. connect to the iphones ip (ud find it out in wifi settings) with login : root and password: alpine
    4. voila
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    Thanks Stocis...I think this will all be a bit beyond me, which is odd because I'm pretty good at understanding computers. What I need is a lovely geek that lives in Kent, UK that I can pay to teach me the wonders of the iphone.

    I'll have a go at your advice later today. Not sure I really understand it..god I'm hopeless! I can only connect to the Net via wi-fi, I have to try and correct that too...and I need roaming! Where to start...arrghhh...


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