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Thread: Swirly MMS working on AT&T

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    Default Swirly MMS working on AT&T
    I installed SwirlyMMS and have been having nothing but trouble trying to get it to send a MMS message. I am on the family plan that has unlimited txt and have been reasured by customer service and also my guys at AT&T that the MMS services are enabled and included with the plan.

    I put in the MMSC and Proxy just like the information on the forums. Every time i send a message i get a error saying that it doesnt have access basically.

    Does anyone have the correct information for the settings i need? Or is it just not going to happen right now? Thanks in advance.

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    Its probably not going to happen right now. AT&T is actively blocking all MMS traffic to and from iPhones, and if you could actually get it working they do periodic sweeps so it wouldnt be working for long anyways.
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    You know, I used to work for a Telco and Ie am too familiar with their "TELCO Mentality". But it just makes no sense to keep MMS blocked. Almost all other phones can do MMS on the ATT network. I know iPhone can send large binary graphics but ATT has the ability to refuse the message. They could even cherge for excessive bandwidth used for picture snapin junkies. Whatever the situation, in my opinion they are blowing it. There is always a price.

    I left Verizon and even paid the early termination penalty to get an iPhone. I get MMS messages all the time from my 10-year old daughter that lives 2200 miles away a d it really bums me out ever time I have to go to that ATT wesbpage to view the MMS. It has become a punisjment in sorts to the customer After all ATT, hello!, we can send attacements in Emails it is just a mucj bigger hassle but bandwidth is bandwith. I will jump ship and gladly go back to Verizon if and when the time ever comes. From a revenue standpoint, they could be making money off all of us. I've been trying to think of a way to file it with the public Utility Commision here in TX. IPhone users have been singled out unfairly.

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