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Thread: Hacked iPhone: WiFi Music Store Issue

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    Default Hacked iPhone: WiFi Music Store Issue
    I recently modified my hacked iPhone at 1.0.2 to hacked 1.1.1 using Independence. I then tested the WiFi music store and successfully downloaded a track.

    Fast forward to this morning. I attempted to download another track from the store. The iPhone asked me for my iTunes password, as usual, and then the download appeared to begin. However, it never finished and the song never appeared on my phone. Since then, everytime I try to buy a new song, the iPhone no longer asks for my password and the file download function stops right away.

    Has anyone experienced a similar problem, either on a hacked or unhacked 1.1.1 phone? I've tried doing a soft reset of the iPhone, but the problem persists.


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    are you sure that the songs are just not downloaded? because, theres really no way to tell unless you click on the download button then click on purchased songs in the top right corner.

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    Default Same here
    I have a 1.1.1 jailbroke and I can't download songs either, Same exact thing is happening to me...

    It finally notified me my credit card had expired and I need to update my account
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    Hey, anybody's itunes wifi store featured list not available right now? I'm unable to see it..

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    Exact same issue here.
    I tried to download songs from both Dutch and US store, in case that was the problem, but it never downloaded the songs from either store.
    The number of songs being downloaded appears only briefly in the "download" icon before disappearing. The songs also don't show up at all in the downloads list.
    Any tips? (1.1.1, used Independence to jailbreak and upgrade back to 1.1.1)

    Hmmm... Update: it seems to work for certain songs and not for others.
    I was able to download one song (saw the progress bar etc), whereas several other songs just won't download and keep on disappearing from the Downloads list...
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    OK, another update. I figured out the following: my iPhone doesn't want to download iTunes Plus songs. So any song that has been upgraded by Apple does the following: it starts off downloading, but disappears after the store upgrades it to iTunes Plus format. (the moment I get the pop-up that says that "the song will be delivered in the highest-quality iTunes Plus format at no additional charge" the song disappears from the Downloads list)

    Any settings in iTunes I need to adjust? Any other fixes?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



    Turned out I hadn't purchased a song in iTunes for a bit so I hadn't noticed that there were new Terms & Conditions.

    What solved it for me was the following: I purchased a song through iTunes on my computer. It then asked me to accept the new terms & conditions. Which I did.
    Next time I went into the wifi store it worked perfectly.
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    I found a solution . . . at least for my problem. Go to your desktop computer and open iTunes. Log out of your iTunes account and then sign back in. Try to purchase one iTunes plus songs from iTunes. You will likely be asked to check the EULA (even if you've done this previously, the change to iTunes plus seems to have required that you jump through this hoop again). Then once the song is downloaded, sync it to your iPhone. Then try to purchase another iTunes plus song from the WiFi store on your phone. It should work now.


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