Hi there,

I have a TightVNC server. I added 5900 and 5900 ports to firewall and i don't use any other firewall/virus protector anything.

TightVNC running, i have log file.

I can't connect from my iphone to my laptop.

My laptop's ip:
My iphon's ip: cannot connect to

My log file details:

Sat Apr 12 00:37:05 2008
vncSockConnect.cpp:	accepted connection from
vncClient.cpp:	vncClient() executing...
vncServer.cpp:	AddClient() done
WinVNC.cpp:	message 1026 received
vncClient.cpp:	client connected : (id 1)
VSocket.cpp:	socket error
vncServer.cpp:	removing unauthorised client
vncServer.cpp:	RemoveClient() done
vncClient.cpp:	~vncClient() executing...
vncClient.cpp:	deleting socket
VSocket.cpp:	closing socket
WinVNC.cpp:	message 1028 received
vncMenu.cpp:	tray icon updated ok