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Thread: Profile Editor <Request/Question?

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    Default Profile Editor <Request/Question?
    Any plausible way to develop profile editor for iPhone (Ring volume, check mail, wifi, etc)?

    Don't know if these options are options that can be grabbed in any way and edited....

    Just a thought


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    What do you mean by profile editor?
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    I think maybe he means like different profiles for different circumstances. like a "meeting" profile with vibrate only and wifi off or something.. or like.. "loud" profile with the volume all the way up etc etc

    but I could be wrong

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    That's how I interpret it also.

    It's actually kind of stupid for Apple to have overlooked this. Then again, they would probably want to charge you $1.00 every time you switched profiles.
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    You guys are both right. I'm wondering about things like being able to change settings for different situations.


    In the car: don't need wifi-fi, need volume full up, maybe change mail check frequency, change SMS tone to really annoying noticeable tone

    At work: wi-fi on, mail check all the time (less than 15 mins would be ideal), vibrate mode, etc....

    My RAZR had profiles (Vibe only, Vibe & Ring, Vibe then Ring, etc) that could be changed with a quick button press.

    My WM5 phone had a complete profile editor that could go really deep into the OS.

    Something in-between would be wicked.

    Wish I could program better than a chimp with a hangover and no arms....


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