I figured out how to send MMS to verizon users from my iphone. sorry if this already has been posted.

First I use the 3rd party app- Camera Pro, and take pictures at 1/8th the size. OR, I can take any kind of picture I want and use Photoshop on my computer to reduce the file size.

I've only experimented with the largest (normal iphone photo sized photo) and the 1/8th size with CameraPro. when I sent him the original size from my camera roll, at&t emailed back saying service unavailable. I then sent a pic 1/8th that I took with Camera Pro from my camera roll on my iphone, sized at 32.3 KB, and he got it!

Iphone sent the picture from my default email that is set-up on my iphone: a gmail account.

the format to send MMS to a verizon user is [email protected]

### is the number obviosuly. I did not put a "1" in front.

I'm sure other carrier have email addresses set up for MMS. find out what they are.