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Hope I can help people out or can you get this to the right forum.

I am on O2 Uk and have used SwirlyMMS version 0.3.8
(this application is developed by: Mats Berggrund and Tommy Svenson. More information available

I have been around a few sites trying to load this in to my iphone and I shall describe how it works for me.

First of all, O2 in the UK say that they do not support this and will not give you any help.

This works and I will detail how!

Phone unlocked(mine by ziphone)
You have installer on your iphone(from jailbreaking from ziphone)
Download application,
Once downloaded, go to settings.
All instructions after this will be in brackets() the rest is what the phone should show!

MMSC and Proxy Server Settings

MMS-specific APN Settings
APNnow insert)
Usernameinput)your user name as given by your provider,mine had an underscore in the name but my iphone has no option for this so i left it out,no prob,

Job done.

Have tried allsorts and this is how i made mine work!
would love feedback as this only works for sending pictures that you have taken from your iphone,not in your camera roll,and you can not receive but have to go to a website(shite).
This is the best i can do but the people that do these applications deserve some respect.
of which i shall supply!