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Thread: Snapture screwed up my 1.1.4 phone and restore doesn't fix the problem!!!

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    Default Snapture screwed up my 1.1.4 phone and restore doesn't fix the problem!!!
    Everything worked perfectly fine until I installed Snapture. Before I continue, I have an 8 gig iphone running 1.1.4.

    I installed snapture and tried using the burst/fast shooting mode. The program crashed... I tried to open up Apple's photo viewing app and it gets to the screen where you normally see the list of directories... but no directories were shown and it quits right away and goes back to the home screen. The same thing happens when I try to open the Apple's camera app... it opens for a sec then quits.

    I restored the phone and the problem still exists!!!!!! I can't open up the apple viewing app or the apple photo app.

    I emailed the developers who made the program, but haven't gotten a reply yet. I hope someone can help me out here......

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    try a ful DUF restore. by the way i dont know it happened to you because I have FW 1.1.4 as well and I use burst mode all the time...

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    sorry, what is a DUF restore?

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    Ok just tried this and the issue is still there

    Quote Originally Posted by NetMage View Post
    bump.. anyone?? someone else is having this same problem so it's definitely not a random issue
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    When you restore, make sure you set up the phone as NEW in iTunes and not from a back-up.

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    ahhhh thank you very much. that did the trick

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    You mean only a full DFU restore will work?? Ahhh i'm gonna kill that Snapture crowd....are you sure just installing a replacement photo app wouldn't work? I'm on 1.1.2 if that's any help.

    Please help I couldn't face restoring my phone again this week!
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