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Thread: Customize 2.0 really slow?

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    Default Customize 2.0 really slow?
    As i worked my way through C 2.0 B i realized that the loading times are incredibly long as well as the site's response to account logins etc. is this happening to anyone else or should i reinstall c 2.0?

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    is 2.0 oout even out yet? or are you using the beta?

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    yah its still in beta thats why they call it beta TESTING
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    Really slow for me as well.

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    slow for me as well, i figured this to happen since its in beta, but im not really complaining, its still better than 1.2

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    The website is even slow, and the user sign-up seems to have been removed.

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    i think the server is loaded

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    slooo-o-o-w to the point of unusable for me - but then we gotta go easy on these guys, it's beta after all

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    Well I dont know if spicychicken will speed it up, but it was made slower because he was trying to solve the spinning ring of death, so using a slower yet safer method of copy files might have been the culprite. Hopefully it will speed up, but at least for me, it isnt THAT slow...

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    the only thing slow for me is opening the theme browser. other than that its good. probably because the theme browser is pulling and parsing data from many different locations

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    Back to normal speed now for me. Earlier it was super slow to the point where it wouldnt even connect to theme browser.

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    Mine is only super slow on edge. When on wifi, it cruises right along. I basically can't even use it if on edge. But, the good news is it works perfectly on my 1.1.4 iphone, so I can deal with it.

    Edit: One cool thing I just noticed is it seems to have downloaded a theme in the background. I had closed it because I was on edge and it was downloading super slow, but just went back in, and had the theme available to use, which to me, means it continued to download the theme while I was out of customize.
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